• From 1830 to the annexed nation was where the state of Chao Fa is located.
  • "Independent Tribes" was the unofficial name of the State of Chao Fa.
Founded in the early 1800's after the Guizhou War against the Qin

, thousands then moved southward and settled into unoccupied lands, bordering Vietnam and Laos, who did not claim these lands, as they were afraid of mountains.

During the Pa Chay Vue war of the 1800's against the French, they eventually claimed their independence. The Voung Chin Duc King of the Jiulie people then was incorporated into the state of Chao Fa.

Today the state of Chao Fa is heavily contested between the Dark Faced of the West and Mixed Blooded Black Feets of the East who tries to claim these lands that did not belong to them.