Lao People B&W 140

Madame Vientiane of the K.L Dynasty

Gouvernement de Royale is an abolished monarchy in the 20th cenury, expelled by the Communist party in 1975. Monarchy has been thriving since the Yellow River period, and continued through out till the end of the 20th century.

Though the Gouvernement de Royale is legally abolished in Jiulie, it still continues to rule as an beaucratic aristrocracy, where noble bloodlines, wealthy, military status and the reputated titles are in a fued to control the city of Xièncle, Vuevién, Quévue, Loirnois d'Cân, Loung Ciân and Véiques.

To this day, many of the former Gouvernement de Royale still continue to rule in political positions, such as General Va who became the Généralissime d'Exécutif de Jiulie, Xia Chiau, the heir apparent of Wayne Enterprises and the Exiled Royal Government.