The story is set during the Secret War, where remnants of Royalties and Communist strive in a city in Vientiane. A love story of a young school girl who is engaged to a much older man for finiacial and political purpose, falls in love with a party boy who is heartbroken over a girl who left to Thailand to get "money".

One day Aey crashes into a elaborate and luxurious party hosted by the goverment officials of their victory of winning the city of Vientiane, and meets Kim. They fall in love and quickly Aey's party leaves without saying goodbye. Aey then sneaks off from his friends and finds Kim at the balcony where they embrace and plan to elope.

As Aey returns in the early mornings, he meets up with his friends and encounters Communist soldiers, which Kong kills and they split off and run, leaving his tag behind. Aey and Kim do the unpredictable and plan to runaway to the border to start their new life. The next morning, the Communist does a regulation, killing all dissidents and loyal to the former Kingdom.

Aey is then captured and interregated, which he is then revealed as an ex-Royal soldier. He then is sent to concentration camp. Meanwhile, Kim recieves news that he is executed and grieves, where she then overdoses of drugs and the people assumes she has died. Aey escapes and believes that Kim has died. There, he meets her body and kills himself with poison. Kim then wakes up and sees that he has killed himself and kisses his lips, saddend that there was none left for her, she then commits suicide and dies with Aey. There it is said that whenever it rains, you first meet your lover.



Aey dreaming

A young adult who is an ex-party boy, heart broken by his ex-lover who was a prostitute, he dawns in the nightlife, gambling and drinking with his friend Kong, Paris and Tim. He was raised in a French school and spoke French fluently. He was drafted into the war by the Royal government at the age of 17 and resides in for 2 years Vientiane.

A young girl at the age of 18, she was engaged to a much older man for polticial purpose by her uncle. Raised as an orphan, she lives with her aunt who mistreated her. Kim is an inspired writer and plays the piano and is part of the Communist league.

-wealthy, spoiled and uncaring about the war.

-stubborn, cruel and uncaring about human life.