The Pheng Zheng Army was the standard issue of the Txiameng Dynasty in the History of Jiulie during the Thouand Year War. It included a sophisticated catagory of heavy military, light military, cavarly and crossbow.

Heavy MilitaryEdit

Tasseng: General Warlords of the territory. They were handpicked by the Order of the Flowering Law to serve and protect the nation from enemies.

N'da Neng: Heavy military men who carried a heavy sword and striked fiercily.

Light MilitaryEdit

H'mu Neng:Ligh infantry men who mastered the art of spearmenship for quick speed.

Leow Xeng: Men who fought with martial arts, hand to hand combat.


C'hai N'Da: Heavy infantry men who wields a lighter sword for quick strikes.

C'hai H'mu: Heavy infantry who strikes with a spear.


Hua H'neng: Equipped with a heavy crossbow, they can shoot short-ranged for powerful impact.