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City limits in gloomy days

Quévue is the north-eastern quarter of Véiques. It is well known for it's arcology of mausoleum, museum and art parks. It holds many art projects that boomed during the first reign and was a favoured destination that was annexed and imbued into Véiques city limits and are forced into assimilation in dress, language and values. It is the sister city of Vuevién who was once part of Quévue's western city, but was annexed by the communist and Quévue was liberated by the Nationalist. They serve as an army base for the Nationalist Army.

Between the two cities is splitted up by a river, which is called the Demilitarized zone. Vuevién is under communist rule and embedded within Véiques city limits and Quévue is under democratic and indepenent state freedom.

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