Slenderman (Pas Dab) is a short horror film about a haunting ghost. The starts off of Ed, falling asleep at the Main Market at night, dosing off, he then begins to see a man in a suit, glancing towards him with long arms, strolling closer and closer. His friend, Kim, then suddenly wakes him up, and they leave.

As the story progresses, Ed begins to see the "Slenderman" ghost more and more often, developing into the mystery behind these hauntings, where he is then forced to run into the forest, finding clues of the "Slenderman" and Ed's own traumatizing past.

As the Slenderman is more widely seen, so is Ed's conscience slowley being lost.

At the end of the story, Ed is saved from being taken by the Slenderman by solving the mystery. He wakes up and finds himself in the daylight of the forest.