Japanese helmet kabuto muromachi

A old helmet of the ntag neeb

In San Miao culture the double-edged sword also known as� Ntag Neeb is considered a master's weapon or a gentlemen's weapon, both from the considerable skill required to fight with this weapon and from the fact that commanders of armies favored the jian in order to move easily amongst the troops

San Miao's old military traditions and history offer up a wide variety of sword styles and schools. Jiulie swordsmanship began as far as during the Txiameng� period of San Miao.San Miao swordsmen, especially during the Three Kingdoms Era favored the Miao Dao, a saber that was single-edged and 5-6 feet long. Generals and military officials carried the 5-6 feet long Miao Dao. Swords were also made for ceremonial purposes.