The Txiameng bridge into the city.

Txiameng (Kaumlim: 태명) (RPA: Txiajmeej) was the once capital city of the Txiameng City. It was a walled off city from invadors and foreighn invadors and was built as the most magical city. Txiameng City is a city built ontop of a mountain to reflect a heaven in the skies. It is a cultural city that is motivated by arts, philsophy and music and is held in sovereign to the God of Wealth who was a lover of hedonism. The city is held into two words, the Yeeb World and the Yaj World.


Yeeb World

The well known district wher the Fooniam are the center of the stage.

Yaj World

  • Scholars Garden
  • National Mueseum
  • Water Field Market

Yeeb CeebEdit

The dark world of the spirits in Hmong belief. It corresponds to the Chinese world of yin. The Otherworld, comprising of yeeb ceeb and yaj ceeb (the world of men), is closely modeled on the Chinese Otherworld. The Hmong believe that long ago men and spirits could meet and talk to each other and that passing between the two worlds was much easier. After the worlds became divided only a txiv neeb, a shaman, can safely venture into the Otherworld.

Yaj CeebEdit

In Hmong belief, the bright world of the men and women and of material objects and nature. It corresponds to the Chinese world of yang. Its opposite is the dark world of yeeb ceeb.