The Aftermath of San Miao

The Great War was between America, the splitted E.U of East and Western Europe, China aided by North Korea, Vietnam, Laos and Burma, the Golden Dragon which consisted of Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore against China. A two hour nuclear bombardment went on and caused an apocalpyse.


The rich and powerful had their own specialty vaults for themselves, wheras the poor had to flee into the mountains. San Miao was nuked by fchangjiang at Veiques and Xiencle and Vietnam and Laos in Sieviane and Quevue. The destruction attacked major cities and smaller cities were partly spared by invasion and bombing. About 68% of San Miao has been destroyed by nuclear atom bombs. The rest of the untouched city was later destroyed by the global fallout, mostley hailing from India in the West. Those who survived inside the Vault were left on their own to build their own policies and laws. Some were opened to relive in the outside world, some shut themselves off from the world entirely. The World War sent the whole world back to the Stone Age.


Téo was born in Vault 101 to James and his mother Catherine. He always wanted to be a hero in his dreams, until one day when he was 19, his father escaped the vault and he is then left to find him, not knowing where to go into the dangerous Wastelands.